Technical Interview Preparation

Technical Interview Preparation

The Process

Most high paying companies have similar interview interview process which looks something like this:

  • A coding challenge
    • One or two questions. Mostly less than 4
    • Companies use platform like hackerrank etc
    • Question difficult vary from company to company
  • Phone interviews
    • One or two phone interview.
    • Usually 45-60 min long
    • One or two questions asked.
  • Onsite Interview
    • Usually day long process
    • 4-5 Interviews with one hour lunch break
    • All interview can be coding (like in google) or one interview can be with manager (non coding but technical)

When to apply

You should apply a semester before you graduate. Eg. if you are graduating in spring, then you should applying beginning of fall (August-September).


  • Unfortunately, most high paying jobs are gated by “Leetcode style” coding interview.
  • You will be given a problem and you have to write code to solve the problem in the language of your choice
  • Irrespective of your level of expertise, I will suggest you to start with Cracking the Coding Interview
  • Once you have complete this book practice questions on Leetcode
    • Select Top interview question problem set
    • Sort the problem set by difficult
    • Go through questions one by one
    • Doing easy and medium should be sufficient
  • You can use this list if you want to practice for specific question using this repo
  • Practice mock interviews with friend using white board
  • Usually system design questions are not asked to new grads but it depends on the specific role you are interviewing. Some resources to practice the same


  • Apply to as many companies as you can. It is a numbers game.
  • Go to career fair/recruiting event

    • Bloomberg asks questions during the career fair and based on it starts the interview process
    • Most companies give a school id which helps your resume to reach the right recruiter
  • Ask for referrals

    • Easiest way to get past resume screen and get at least a phone screen
  • Your resume should be one page long.
    • Have interesting projects in your resume
    • Get your resume reviewed by a technical person if possible