Interview Paper

  1. Runtime automatic speculative parallelization (CGO 2011)
  2. Binary Translation Using Peephole Superoptimizers (OSDI 2008)
  3. Composite-ISA Cores: Enabling Multi-ISA Heterogeneity using a Single ISA
  4. Seer: Leveraging Big Data to Navigate the Complexity of Performance Debugging in Cloud Microservices(ASPLOS 2019)
  5. Panthera: Holistic Memory Management for Big Data Processing over Hyberid Machines (PLDI 2019)
  6. Buffets: An Efficient and Composable Storage Idiom for Explicit Decoupled Data Orchestration (ASPLOS 2019)
  7. NVBits: A Dynamic Binary Instrumentation Framework for NVIDIA GPUs (MICRO 2019)