1. Ginseng: Keeping Secrets in Registers When you Distrust the Operating System (NDSS 2019)
  2. Architectural Support for Containment-based Security (ASPLOS 2019)
  3. Context-Sensitive Fencing: Securing Speculative Execution via Microcode Customization (ASPLOS 2019)
  4. EMMA: Hardware/Software Attestation Framework for Embedded Systems Using Electromagnetic Signals (MICRO 2019)
  5. InvisiSpec: Making Speculative Execution Invisible in the Cache Hierarchy (MICRO 18)
  6. Secure TLBs (ISCA 2019)
  7. Morpheus: A Vulnerability-Tolerant Secure Architecture Based on Ensembles of Moving Target Defenses with Churn (ASPLOS 2018)
  8. A2: Analog Malicious Hardware (S&P 2016)
  9. Last-Level Cache Side-Channel Attacks are Practical (S&P 2015)
  10. SoK: Eternal War in Memory (S&P 2013)

Long Documents (In Progress)

  1. Intel SGX Explained (IACR ePrint)